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A TV with premium cable channels and pay-per-view movies is featured in each guest room at Motel 6 Fort Worth - Downtown East. Each room also has a workspace with a desk.

Located 9.7 km from Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District, this hotel provides free wireless internet.

Texas Motor Speedway is 30 minutes’ drive from Fort Worth Motel 6. Fort Worth Botanic Garden is within 10 minutes’ drive.

A laundry facility is available on site. Vending machines provide late night snacking opportunities.

Phone: +1 817-535-2591

Address: 2425 Scott Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76103, USA


Number of rooms: 102


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Fort Worth
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Wind: south, 22 mph

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Reviews of Motel 6 Fort Worth - Downtown East 2*

Natalee M.



This hotel is disgusting! As soon as you walk in, it stinks! Smells like smoke and other smells. Maid service is highly rude and willing to run you over rather than show you any respect. The front desk staff was great in giving us our refund and was very kind about the situation. The hallway floors are nasty, filled with trash and stains. The rooms are even worse. While they have nice and up to date furniture, there was food caked onto the table and also the mirror above the table, there was unknown substances caked onto the bathroom sink. The floor was not swept. The elevator was also nasty and looked as if it hadn't been swept in who knows how long. Multiple sites said there was an outdoor pool and there is not. Overall we are very disappointed but the front desk was very helpful and very understanding.

James D.



Seemed as if they had recently done some remodeling and definitely picked the cheapest option. The fridge waa just out in the open sitting on the floor, no cabinets or shelves to really put anything. No dresser. The bathroom counter was being held up by 2x4. It was just less then what I was expecting as far as quality.

Christy K.



We had to vacate our apartment because of pest control. We spent 2 nights here rather than putting our dog in a kennel. It worked well for our purposes. The room was clean but the beds were not the most comfortable we've experienced and the phone in our room was not working. Being handicapped, I really appreciated the elevator. The staff was pleasant and served Community coffee in the morning. If we need to do something like this again, we will return.

Tami P.



It was the nastiest motel I have ever stayed in! The room had caked up filth along the baseboards, the toilet leaked all over the floor, the shower curtain was stained, dirty and torn. The curtains had holes in them. The blankets were stained. The hallways and coffee area was dirty. The elevator needs inspected, the phone in elevator was torn out. If I wasn’t so busy going back and forth from hospital, I would have asked for a full refund and found a different hotel! After that stay, I deserve a full refund and someone needs to inspect that hotel!

Jo T.



I wish I could give this place NO stars! HORRIBE, HORRIBLE place. DO NOT STAY HERE! Blood on the bed spread, cigarette burns on the sheets along with other stains. The door connecting to the adjacent room did not have a door knob and the hole was taped with duct tape. As soon as we got off the elevator marijuana smoke filled the halls. You could also here other guests in rooms and could tell it was filled with prostitutes. No JOKE! No place for a family! I do wanna say they guy at the front desk was nice and the security guard too.

Kevin W.



The place was old and outdated. The room was kind of messy, it was definitely not the nicest motel 6 I've stayed in but one out of a hundred isn't that bad I guess. Also the ice machine didn't work, What's that about I had to drink my Dr. Pepper hot shame shame. :)

Carolyn B.



While the room was clean, and the location was within easy access of the highway, there were several things that we weren't happy with. #1, only 2 flimsy pillows on the bed, and we were told there would be a $5 deposit per pillow if we wanted more. #2 Prostitutes. When we walked in, there was one taking her guy up to the room. We checked in, and went to get our things, and there was a man at the back door, letting on another Hooker. We rode up the elevator with them. Then there was a 3rd in the parking lot when we left super early the next morning. #3 Noise and bright light. There was no way to sleep soundly, thats why we checked out so early. But at least, the room was clean.

Kriston W.



I booked a last minute trip to Fort Worth and this was the only hotel that wasn't booked in the area. The location was very sketchy, which was my fault, I should have looked at the area before booking. I'm not sure if the elevator worked, but if it did, it was terribly slow. The stairs up to the second floor were dirty and had a musty smell. The floors were denoted by a #1, #2, ect written in magic marker on the painted cinder-block walls. The burns in the bedding, comforter, sheets and quilt were horrible, especially considering I booked a non-smoking room. I found it strange that I booked a room and had to pay an extra $5 to allow my husband to stay with me. They did nothing extra (like bring more towels), so why was I charged for him being in the room? On the plus side, I was surprised to not find any bed bugs or roaches (I did strip down the bed). I appreciated that the floors in the room were not carpeted, I felt that they were slightly cleaner. I guess, I got exactly what I paid for. This hotel would be much more presentable and attractive if the linens were not burned, the stairs were cleaned and painted, and the door to the room properly shut (it was not properly aligned so I had to slam it to get it to latch). The rooms appeared to have new-ish orange paint on the walls, they should have considered repairing some of the holes prior to painting and possibly cleaning the vent in the bathroom.

Charlotte A.



There is not enough parking and the construction vehicles make the parking lot look shabby and constrict the parking further. The room has been updated to a degree. The mirror is the bathroom has not and the lack of any place to hang clothes make the room even more barren that you would expect. Given the cost comparison it is time for Motel 6 to update some of the items that you get in the morning. Coffee for one.

Garret W



Complete ignorant staff, stained sheets, bedding, and even stained mattress. Door looked like it had been broken down a dozen times. Smelled like pot in a non-smoking room. Armed security is nice, but knowing it is needed is uncomfortable. Plus I dont think the security guard would even know how to handle himself if need be. Staying here, even for a night, is a mistake. Find a better location, spend a few extra bucks, and itll be worth it.

Brittany W.



Booked non smoking room and was placed in a smoking room. Requested to be switched, and could not be done. Room was dirty and had a terrible smell (pot). Comforter had cigarette burns and shower was dirty. There was trash in bathroom and no soap. Service was terrible when requesting a few simple things. Worst hotel experience I have had, and will never use motel 6 again.

Son O. J.



Room and hotel was in fair condition at best. A place to lay your head down and nothing more. Thankful to see armed security officer in lobby. A questionable location.

Lula P.



If all you need is a clean, quiet room, then this place is perfect. If you want a pillow top mattress, a full breakfast, and HBO, then pay for it elsewhere. Well worth the money. Correction: they do have HBO.

Lula P.



If all you need is a clean, quiet room, then this place is perfect. If you want a pillow top mattress, a full breakfast, and HBO, then pay for it elsewhere. Well worth the money.

Andrea S.



The room was empty not not what I expected. The toilet made noise all my stay. I stay four nights for 226. 50 which I think was over charged due to the area. The parking was limited. If I parked In the back I had walk around to the front just to get In my room which was inconvenience to me. I requested extra sheets and pillows which I couldn't get unless manager approved and that was on my second night there… There was no clocks in the room and no area to hang clothes

Jake P.



Kind of a trashy area, looks worst on the outside. However it was decent inside, you could tell it was recently renovated. You do pay for the qaulity. But for a quick midnight stop I can't complain.

Sravan D.



Friendly and helpful staff. Comfortable rooms. No eateries in the vicinity (nearest convenience store is 10 minutes away on foot)

Calvin G.



The room was adequate and clean, but the parking lot appears to be less than well tended. Half the TV channels are in spanish, and all of the English stations have this irritating narration on them that puts every nonverbal action into words. I knew how to fix the narration, and I called the staff to deal with it using the cable buttons. They insisted that a channel search should fix it (I knew it wouldn't). They then decided it couldn't be fixed, and left ignoring all my suggestions. I can't honestly in good heart give this Motel a good rating after this experience… Sooo… 2 stars.

V S.



The air conditioner wouldn't cool the room and it was noisy. The bed was hard. Great location and conviniently close to highway.

Fabiola M.



Place to rest excellent

Victoria S.



Eventually, they're motels by the way. They are not the great experience, but at least they serve to spend the night.

Emma O.



Bad bad I didn't like it for a thousand ugly ugly very expensive things also I didn't like anything

Barbara B.



Great staff I am a secret shopper. Sort of under cover I am a secrete shopper. Have been for some time I am assigned different location but I enjoy this location has easy access right off o Hwy 30 and beach 2425 Scott avenue it has plenty of light security so far no crime I am also in loss prevention. This motel 6 is great no complaints at this assignments Barbara Bush

Joaquin C. M. R.



They don't have good housekeeping. But not having any more.

Arthur C.



Nice cheap price. No surprises when booked on line. Paid what was posted. Took debit, told them I had a dog, asked for no deposit, or what kind of breed of dog. Loved that. Absolutely loved that.



I had to pay a lot more money than anyone else for a room and it seems like the person that was running the same he made me go get said my card didn't work make me have to go to the bank and get cash to bring back in order to get a room I feel so humiliated I got you a present it's like he couldn't stand the fact that I was the man that wanted to get a room with my $60 but I guess he thought I couldn't afford it but looks can be I can see he needed anymore and for the way you treated me he can really have it because it'll be awhile before I come to a place like this and then say and that's why people treat you a little later and make sure I guess cuz it's one o'clock or 12 o'clock you can do it something 12 enjoy your stay was somewhere else

Armando T. M.



Poor treatment by the staff and facilities are not good, stagnated the water in the bath tub and the door is not closed. The key that gave us it had to be retreating porqe not opened the door.
To check-out Time the owner there was bothering to the door of the room playing and screaming 10 minutes before check-out time.

Chris I.



This hotel was absolutely disgusting. The bathroom was awful and the staff is unbelievably rude. I will never stay here again and I do not recommend anyone else to either. This was the worst motel 6 experience I have ever had. We did not check in until 4 in the morning due to exhaustion. Needless to say the cleaning people were up and at it very early and were very loud. My husband could not sleep and by the time he fell back asleep they started beating on the door. I told the lady I am sorry and I do know the time and I was getting my husband up but he was exhausted due to not getting any rest and if she could give us a few minutes. Mind you it was 11:00 on the dot and we checked in at 4. She then yelled at me and was telling me to get out. That I had 5 minutes. Her attitude was awful and when I went to check out the guy in front of me was asking the receptionist for a new key because his didn't work. She actually told him no and he was like so what am I supposed to do. She said its time to check out anyway so instead of giving him a key to get his things I guess he had to go with the cleaning lady. I would call that awkward. Then I asked for my receipt and if they had corporates number. She then told me I don't have that number for you. So I take it all the staff has been trained to be just rude and arrogant. They also charged me more than the online rate said and it absolutely was not worth it. Especially to be treated so awful by such rude people.

Carina H.



Don't stay here. Receptionist gave us a dirty room, elevator and hallway smelled like dirty water. There was mold behind the toilet and the paint was coming off. The building felt unsafe. Bad experience ever.

Shereta B.



Horrible and will never stay here again or recommend anyone else does. The staff was rude, the room was nasty, and the power went out for 7 hours. With that said, they charged more for the room than quoted online, doubled actually and they can't pay the electric bill? When the electricity is down, so is the security system and there are a lot of shady characters around considering it is not a nice area.

Timothy M.



Nice room, comfortable bed, working bathroom… but very terrible Wi-Fi service! But a good experience and great value.

April W.



I will never stay here again the ppl at the front desk is rude and they dnt care about your things. I had 2 keep my things n my car cause the door does not lock… you can just walk up and open the door no keycard. Every time we leave the hotel and come back the keycard doesn't work… had 2 literally keep going 2 the front desk for another card. The lights went out at like 10 and didn't come back on till the next day and all they could say was oh well… I asked for the corporate number and the guy gave me the wrong number. So I had to find my printed copy. Then the guys says dnt worry you still want get your money back. Like really?

Samantha A



We were in our room for 2 days and on the 2nd day we needed a new roll of toilet paper. We got the new roll out of the holder and behind it was a dirty, bloody and stiff pair of blue panties. They look like they had been there for a very long time. When brought to the attention of the staff they said they would only give is a twenty dollar refund because we didn't turn it in when we checked in… so please check your bathroom and room very carefully when you check in. Then they kicked us out like we were in the wrong. I would not recommend this Motel 6!

Alana C.



Bad experience! Appeared to be clean at first… then found a used condom in a bed that was made up… Pull the sheets back and a condom fell on the floor. Front desk rep tried to make excuses… Didn't provide a new room. I will be calling Corporate first thing Monday morning.

Genni S.



I was happy to stay here. Remodeling is nice. Newer styled shelves, tables, and fixtures in rooms are nice. Clean, but strict rules for occupancy, but pet friendly

Sharon E.



Awesome price! the rooms fresh and clean, friendly staff, needs more vending machines. And a cleaner parking lot. Maybe some security. Nevertheless I would stay at this motel again,

Natalie S.



I would have liked to be treated more like a guest than scum they couldn't wait to get rid of. At least 10 minutes BEFORE the 11 a. M. Check-out time someone from the front desk was already banging on my door asking when I'm leaving and demanding a specific time — all I while was gathering my bags about to head out the door anyway. I told the woman, we were about to head out, it'd just be a second (as my boyfriend was making a quick bathroom stop and sweep making sure nothing was being left behind), and she kept demanding "5 minutes? 10 minutes? 15 minutes? ". I responded, "Um, actually like, in 30 seconds, my boyfriend is just using the bathroom". She proceeded to stand there just staring at me. I told her I'd be out of her way faster if she toned down the attitude just a bit. At that pointed I was just given a dirty look as she walked off to bang on other people's doors. Also, the extra guest rate is absurd. Everywhere else I've been — Extended Stay, Super 8, Econolodge, etc. Usually only charge $5-$10 extra a night. I was charged an extra $35 — enough to just buy a whole other night. The BIGGEST problem (my boyfriend didn't tell me until we left because he didn't want me to freak out) is that he woke up with bugs on his pillow, right next to his face! I asked him what kind of bugs they were, if they where bed bugs, roaches, what have you… He said he couldn't identify them. They looked like small black beetle-like insects. This disturbs me most of all.

De M.



Dirty, unfriendly, stains on the beds, brandlöcher in the bettlacken, the Breakfast and the fridge is not in the bmvergleich to other cheap Hotels are really a NO GO! PS. Its like the Bronx!

Shelly H.



Tv did not work. There were also a LOT of nasty people hanging around the motel. Very nervous about staying here. I was originally scheduled to stay 3 nights. After the first night I was done. The room smelled so strongly of bleach I couldn't breathe. It was horrible! NEVER AGAIN. I left there and went to another Motel 6 in Arlington which was WONDERFUL, clean and very friendly staff. And as for the free Wifi — My laptop would not connect because of security risk.

Catherine N.



I was not given a check in time. When I arrived, I had to wait several hours before I checked in. The temperature of the room was awful. The room did not cool down until several hours after the sun went down. The only good thing about this place is the fact that it had free internet, cable, a great bed, and a lot of room. The tub was great for soaking tired feet.

Pamela W.



I will never get a room at this motew 6 ever again, because of the way the staff was acting towards me and my family. They where rude and very unpleasant to speak to.

Alliee L.



I stay at this hotel when I come in to town to visit my family. Very reasonable price and it's clean. Basic cable although there are 2 controls to manage the t. V. I needed extra towels because my son made a mess taking a bath, called front desk and they brought up some extra towels. Employees are nice. It's motel 6 people… If I would want excellent service I would go to the Holiday inn or something more pricey but because I'm on a budget I come to this motel… You get what you paid for.

Amanda B.



Very poor hotel. The whole place shows that they dont take care of it very well. The out side was messy with trash everywhere. Stains on the sheets and blanket. They have people who live at the hotel, long term guests, I was kept up all night by people coming an going at all hours of the night. Loud music being played out side, lights shinning in our window. In our parents room the hot water didn't work properly. Do not stay at this hotel.

Audie G.



Was quoted $43 via phone; reception tried to charge $60. Argued the price, paid $51 with tax for a smoking room. TV didn't work. Discount for non-TV was denied. Moved next door to a "non-smoking jacuzzi" room with a used ashtray in it and told not to use the jacuzzi or it would ruin the room and i'd be charged an additional $30. Found several hairs on the bed, blankets and pillows; paint missing on the walls, no shampoo or conditioner, two tiny bars of soap, no coffee or pot and the toilet full of someone else's mess. Had to manually flush the toilet by lifting the lid and pulling the chain every time and clean my room upon entry. The man who checked me in was sarcastic and condescending with information and directions. He was hardly helpful by moving me to a dirty room I was told not to smoke in already containing a dirty ashtray, toilet and bed. At least the towels and washcloths were clean.

Catalina Q.



Elevator doesn't work, t. V. Low signal so can't watch, on website it shows that there's free breakfast, but when you go downstairs to get some breakfast, there's only coffee that's served.

Andrew H.



Ok. Though it's no smoking, but the rooms are very clean/no bed bugs.


  • Luggage storage
  • Lift
  • Non-smoking throughout
  • Facilities for disabled guests
  • Vending machine (snacks)
  • Newspapers
  • Express check-in/check-out
  • Air conditioning
  • Laundry
  • Business centre
  • Vending machine (drinks)
  • Safety deposit box
  • Meeting/banquet facilities
  • Shuttle service (surcharge)
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Fax/photocopying
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Facilities for disabled guests
  • Heating


  • WiFi is available in all areas and is free of charge
  • WiFi is available in the hotel rooms and is free of charge

Room Amenities

  • Telephone
  • TV
  • Cable Channels
  • Desk
  • Toilet
  • Free toiletries
  • Bathroom


  • Outdoor pool


  • Free public parking is possible on site (reservation is not needed)

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish
  • English

Policies of Motel 6 Fort Worth - Downtown East

  • Check-In:

    From 15:00 hours

  • Check-Out:

    Until 11:00 hours

  • Accepted Credit Card Payments:

    American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover

  • You must show a valid photo ID and credit card upon check-in. Please note that all special requests cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability upon check-in. Additional charges may apply.

    A microwave and compact refrigerator may be available upon request.

    Guests are required to show a photo identification and credit card upon check-in. Please note that all Special Requests are subject to availability and additional charges may apply.

    All children are welcome.
    One child under 4 years stays free of charge when using existing beds.

    One older child or adult is charged $ 10 per night in an extra bed.
    The maximum number of extra beds in a room is 1.
    Any type of extra bed or child's cot/crib is upon request and needs to be confirmed by management.
    Supplements are not calculated automatically in the total costs and will have to be paid for separately during your stay.

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