Review of Regency Inn & Suites - Saint Augustine 2*

Debbie A.


I would give this place 2. 5 stars if I could. It isn't the worst place we have ever stayed at, but it is far from the best. We had two rooms reserved for two nights and they were supposed to be neighboring rooms. Upon check-in, the desk clerk tried charging $30 more per room than what the reservation stated and the two rooms are not side by side. Both rooms had a strong, nasty odor. One selling point for this place is they are across the street from the beach. At this time, you CANNOT access the beach unless you go further down the road. The beach is blocked off because they are rebuilding the beach. We had ant problems in both rooms and we killed a German roach in our room. My friend's husband took the dead roach to the front desk and the owner was supposed to be there in the morning and we could speak with him. Never happened. The free breakfast consisted of stale cereal and pastries. There were a couple of slices of bread laying in an open bread bag next to a toaster. The bananas were ok. Juice, milk, and coffee were offered, but no decaf. There were a few bugs near the cups and sink. The curtain in our room had a dusty whitish-green residue on it. A little later in the morning, my daughter came down with a nasty migraine and got sick and wound up vomiting in a trash can. I cleaned the can and went to see if they had any disinfecting spray I could use to sanitize the can. I found a housekeeper at the far end of the building cleaning a room. Since she was hearing impaired, she gave me a pad and a pen to write my question. That was fine, but the moment I wrote, "… threw up, " and before I could write "in the trash can, " this lady was freaking out! I touched her shoulder and said it was ok and I finished writing that it was in a trash can, I had cleaned it up, and I just wanted to ask if she had any disinfecting spray that I could spray the can with! She sent me to the front desk! I am really surprised that they don't have any disinfectant on their maid carts! The front desk gave me two Clorox/Lysol wipes to use. Such a help! At least the housekeeper who had come to our door earlier handed me a can of Febreeze when I asked her if she had anything I could use to try to get rid of the nasty odor in the room. As the day progressed, we wound up killing more ants, another German roach, and a couple of bugs I cannot identify. The owner never got in touch with anyone in our party about the incident from the night before either. I did notice there is a sizeable gap underneath the door to the room. Maybe that is contributing to the bug problem. Aside from the bug problems, we noticed the lamp shades were somewhat bent up and the outlet between the beds was not tight and when you tried to plug in a cord, it would fall right back out if you didn't get it just right. The hangers for clothes appeared rusty, so no one hung anything up while we were there. Also, the sink had no stopper, so if you knocked something off the counter and into the sink, you would have a pretty good chance of losing it. On the positive side, the beds appeared to be clean and they were comfortable. The grounds are decently maintained and most of the employees were polite. We also saw the police there 2-3 times, but no one was arrested. I want to add that they are currently renovating their rooms here. Maybe that contributes to the bug problems. I wouldn't have been quite as harsh in my review if they only charged around $50-60/night for what we dealt with, but at over $100/night, things could have been much better.

Nightly rates from $71 to $89.

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