Review of The San Anton Hotel 3*

Kath J.


Nightmare Hotel never to be visited again My partner, 2 teenage grandchildren and myself have just returned from the holiday from hell in this hotel, day 1 arrived at 12 15 and was told our room would be ready for 1. 30 and to return then for keys, went back to be told come back in an hour this went on until 4. 30 and finally got in our room to find no air conditioning what so ever, a broken phone, broken furniture and the apartment door would not close securely, we waited 5 days to get clean towels the receptionist told us they did not have enough as more guests were arriving, eventually they got us some from another hotel. The bathroom door handle was broken and my grandchild was locked in for about 10 minuets we got her out then the handy man came to fix it but just screwed the handle back on with 2 screws he did not fix the lock. Someone decided to use the pool as a toilet the staff got a fishing net and scooped it out no emptying or cleaning of the pool, the pool area was swarming with wasps day and night due to litter everywhere and no lids on the bins, one lady got stung in her head and had a serious reaction to it a fellow holiday maker had to ring for an ambulance she informed the reception desk of what was happening and the lady just said oh dear and carried on checking people in the ambulance arrived and rushed the lady of to hospital not 1 member of staff attending to her or asked how she was. We asked for a desk fan to cope with the heat at night due to no air conditioning and was told none available, we managed to get one 5 days later. In the restaurant every morning they ran out of orange juice only tea and coffee if you were lucky you could get a cup if you waited half an hour for staff to bring clean cups out same with the plates never any plates and cutlery for your meals, not that the food was worth eating most of it was un edible, the tables were full of dirty dishes and had to wait for staff to come and clear them so you could sit down, the staff cleaned them by wiping the food and debris straight on to the floor making the floor slippery and unsafe to walk on. There is no air conditioning in the restaurant so very uncomfortable, 2 evenings we got told we could only have water as the drinks machine were broken we are doing really well {NOT} as we have paid for all inclusive, we had no choice but to go out else where to eat and drink we couldn't even get a glass of white wine again we were told machine not working {Very convenient} for them. We handed our key into reception when going out as told to, we came back and staff had lost our key they gave us a spare but key only NO fob for the electric or ceiling fan, 2 days later they found it and swapped it back no apology or anything, so we took the key out with us after that {Very understandable on our part} We did not get our room cleaned once in the 10 days we were there the staff excuse was they did not have a key to gain entry to clean as we took it out and they did not have a spare { But they gave us a spare? } The worst to come was the filthy disgusting bedding I was gipping and very nearly sick when I pulled down the quilt on the beds the sheets were urine and blood stained the quilt was even worse urine, blood and faeces stained enough to turn anyone's stomach, I went to reception to complain yet again to be told the cleaner would change them the next day I showed her the photos I had taken of the bedding and demanded it was changed immediately half an hour later they came and changed it. Finally day 10 Yippee time to leave the hell hole we sat waiting for our transfer taxi to take us to the airport was due to pick us up at 8. 35 am we were waiting from 8. 00 to be on the safe side checked with reception the evening before and was told 8. 35 pick up no changes. It gets to 8. 50 no taxi asks reception to ring up to see where it was the lady said no its fine they just running late with road works, not satisfied with this I demand she rings and checks begrudgingly she did and said changed to 6. 00 did not tell us we had to pay 25 euro for taxi our self's.

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