Review of Rendezvous Beach Resort 3*



Returned from the hotel a month ago. Was 2 weeks (last week of January — first week of February 2019). The hotel is very much! Initially, I very carefully looked through all the boards offered by big tour operators, I was looking at photos of tourists who have read reviews on different sites, and chose this hotel. Indeed, this is a very good three-pointer. The room is clean, cleaning every day, change of bath towels every day. Beach towels they usually don't change, so I occasionally treated myself to the guys-the maids or the front Desk and they immediately replaced. In the bathroom there is liquid soap for hands, shower gel and shampoo if someone does not take your. There is a kettle, 2 tea and coffee sachet per day, sugar cubes and two half liter bottles of water for two a day. Water bought in the restaurant of the hotel is 20-30 rupees for 1 liter. From the room window and balcony great views of the hotel garden. It's beautiful. Very well maintained and beautiful. All 2 weeks in the hotel and also we are neither Russians nor Europeans, only Indians. And it was perfect. The Indians are very educated, calm, friendly, respectful, not crossing boundaries. The hotel is clean. Not a single insect. Mosquitoes can fly at night, if you hold open the balcony door in the evening by electric light. I do not advise! )
Tour operator "Biblio Globus" brought both of us to the hotel in separate taxis, as in this place nobody else is going. On the way back. It turned out a private transfer. At 7 am we arrived and once we were settled, gave us a better room because of available rooms is sufficient. Any money is not requested, even though the official check-in 14 hours. Buffet breakfasts. Very tasty. Especially for those who like a little spicy Indian vegetarian food. We love, so enjoy it. Depending on the day there were different cakes (Puri, roti, chapati) served with sauces of different legumes and vegetables, omelette with vegetables, eggs, rice with sauces, vegetable burgers, tea masala, good juice with pulp, fruit fantastic watermelon and papaya. It's all very tasty, hot and appetizing. We ate for a long time) ) the Second time ate in 16 hours. Had dinner-had dinner at the hotel for the money, you can order, for example the ear, if Indian food is not desirable. Also delicious. But usually dined not in the area, walked or rode the bus or to the capital Panaji (7km by bus on a mountain 20 minutes for 10-15 rupees) or in Dona Sex (2 kilometers on foot or on the same bus). Walked there and ate, too. In the don Field, we enjoyed the restaurant right on the square where the buses stop, he is also Indian vegetarian, cheap and delicious, is called SIDDHI. If in the Capital, stop, Panaji Market, there is a market with fruits-vegetables, and we liked it too vegetarian restaurant "Nastar". All the names of the dishes are unfamiliar, so it is better to learn everything beforehand or enter on the Internet and see what it is (but there is no Wi-faev). Dinner for two cost us with tip not more than 500 p. Including drinks and ice cream. By the way, ice cream in India are insanely delicious. Walk around the capital of cool. Your coloring. In the city there are stalls with sweets, cookies, nuts. The hotel is not bad Wi Fi for calls, send photos, use social. Networks, websites. Hot water is not always available, sometimes not in the morning but have afternoon or no afternoon, but by evening there is, in General, is that sometimes the water is room temperature. But it is somehow not problematic, because you can still rinse and wash the same day later. To the beach 5 minutes walk, quite pleasant way. On the beach almost no one, beds the other two small hotels — the 4 key and 5 key, they are not allowed to lie even for money. We took a Thai Mat-Mat, and lay it under the palm trees. Generally not bothered. Quiet, calm, the view is beautiful. The sea is calm, dead calm, swim all you want, the water is warm. In Goa I haven't seen on the beaches, in principle, transparent water, that is, feet in the water not see, can be seen somewhere half of the body. I think that this creates turbidity, sand and reddish earth of Goa. If you go from the beach to the left, there is a huge volcanic stones frozen in their shells, run the emerald crabs, and lots and lots of pretty shells on the sand and rocks, you can examine and collect this beauty clock) ) Especially if low tide, you can go away for the stones. Fun watersports available on the beach, but since there is practically no one, it generally does not interfere. Before sunset on the beach pulled together Hindus and the fun begins, music, volleyball, tug of war, games. Very fun! The beach is clean. No cows in the area at all. Every day clean beach. There is no humidity like in Thailand, there was a strong heat. In the afternoon you can walk. A very comfortable temperature. The room had air conditioning and a fan. Haven't even turned on, the night was perfectly cool. Nice to sit in the evening before bedtime on the balcony with tea, fruits and sweets. In the evening there is music, but until 23 hours it can always shut down, not to disturb anyone sleeping. All the staff are very polite, positive, always quick to respond to requests. In this entire neighborhood there are only 3 hotels – this one and the two on the beach (4 ka and 5 ka). All other buildings are villas, cottages for every taste and pocket. In these few lives. Most likely, the rich Indians buy them as financial investments or in cases of periodic arrival of the family for the holidays. In General, in which almost nobody lives, but special. Staff to monitor the garden and home daily. In the neighborhood there is no store and exchanger. For this you need to go to the city. By the way, banks do not work on Sundays . The tour we took the company "Compass" on the Internet. Without overnight stay one day, from early morning to evening. One tour in Goa, insanely capacious, diverse, informative and interesting. The second to Shiva in the neighboring state of Karnataka. Also magical!. I will not describe in detail, everything is on the site. Write in votsap/viber, and you the Manager says, we agree, at least for tomorrow, picked up from the hotel, take the money at the end of the tour. We got a tour guide Olga, a beautiful Russian lady of about 55 years, with a great intellect and love for India. To buy in Goa almost nothing. Well, except that pashmina and spices. Coffee is bad and expensive. Tea is so-so. Good toothpaste, you can buy them in pharmacies and supermarkets. Cosmetics Himalai good. At the night market in Anjuna sea of cheap, low-quality goods and fraud. And the prices lomyat. Did not like at all. More like a tour)
Taxis are expensive in Goa, because expensive gasoline 67 p. Per liter. Tut-tuk (Moto-rickshaws) are cheaper, but they don't drive long distances, not more than an hour, and it is necessary to haggle a bit. In India, everywhere it is necessary to bargain with and much! But taxis are not particularly bargain. We didn't go to stay in a hotel on a big crowded beach, because I didn't party, stoned Europeans, a La hippie, rum-soaked, crazy old guys in the tattoos with acid hair, adapted for Europeans, food, discos. We wanted to relax and see India from the inside, and in this place we succeeded. We were delighted! The Indians are beautiful, they are the most valuable wealth of the country. Spiritual, open, positive, respectful, ready to help. Very beautiful and neat, bright saris and ornaments. In General, all who do not care about hangouts, I suggest this hotel!